oh, hello

So, yeah, I’ve been gone a while.  I won’t get into the whys, so I’ll get right into the crafts.  In the summer, my younger nephew turned 3, so of course crafts were to be made!  I decided to make him two stuffed toys: a robot and a monster.  I made the monster’s face from … Continue reading

puzzle pieces

a personal puzzle

Ok, so I’m not so good at keeping this blog updated regularly. I’ll blame it on this never-ending winter that is plaguing my city, which as I type is being covered with layers of wet snow.  But I’ll also give myself a little blame, because I just haven’t finished anything to post, and well, I’ve … Continue reading


bean bag fun!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!  I had a few weeks of fun with loved ones, including time with my nephews.  They are getting so big, and it’s crazy how even a few months away bring such changes to them when I see them.  Their personalities and interests are growing and shining, and they are … Continue reading


the cute and cuddly

I love just about anything that is cute and cuddly, and babies and animals are no exception.  In my earlier posts I’ve blogged about name wall hangings I’ve made for my nephews and friends of my brother and sister-in-law’s.  In their circle of friends there are many little boys, and it’s been a matter of … Continue reading


muppet love

I just finished watching Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey – the story about Kevin Clash and how he fulfilled his dreams of working with Jim Henson and went from creating his own puppets to being the man behind the furry red monster everyone loves.  When I was in New York City last year, I visited … Continue reading